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Thursday, December 25, 2008 Roy, Community Member, asks

Q: Can a infection cause a increase in blood pressure given enough time

Can an infection cause a increase in blood pressure if it goes on for a long time?

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Lisa Nelson, Health Pro
12/27/08 2:41pm

Hi Roy, 

Infections do have a connection to inflammation and heart disease. Infections elevate c-reactive protein (CRP) levels, an antibody-like protein. Increased CRP levels promote atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and can lead to high blood pressure. It's normal for CRP to rise temporarily when battling an infection, such as a urinary tract infection and then return to normal. It's the chronic infections that are reason for concern.

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All the best,

Lisa Nelson, RD, LN
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mithun, Community Member
2/21/10 7:28am

My wife is diagnosed wit Blepharitis, MGD chronic dry eye, scarring on the eye by a cornea surgean As Blepharitis, MGD chronic dry eye, scarring on the eye. is a condition of the disease. How do we know the real disease. Also last week i noticed there was a nipple discharge both her breast. So we went to a Gynac, obviously she told to do the Prolactin test which is 5.8 in Range, also she got here normal periods on the 27 jan. she has never taken any conteaceptives. also she is very relaxed. Can that one undiagnosed disease has all the symptoms like nipple discharge and Blepharitis, MGD chronic dry eye, scarring on the eye. Also my cornea specialist told that i am also suffering from Blepharitis. my wife was very healthy before marriage. i had a sexual contact with a girl in 2003, where where was sucking of breast. also i am tested for all the STD all are negtive. I suspect that my wife is sufering from any infection by which i am also suffering as we both have the same symtoms like weakness and my diet is the beast as per a dietion from lilavati. please let me know how to rule out any infection from the nipple discharge. please let me know the test and i will let u know the results. also this rednedd and the discharge is intermittent. we both are relaxed mentally as i am a Yoga therapist and a yoga therapist. i know the real menating of relaxation which is not sleep Also since i am from paramedical field. she has not yet conceived and i always use a condom. this is beyond doubt which specilaist should we go. the discharge is while and mild sticky. can we test that in teh lad what is that test Name called. We both have done diabeted, cbc, t3 t4 tsh all are well in range. I am planning to conceive what is the test for confirm that there is no issue. Duct ectasia or comedomastitis is ruled out as it is a white dischage and also confirmed by gynac Thyroid problems and serotonin hormone are ruled out by the blood test breast mammogram is normal Also Breat cancer is ruled out as confirmed by brest specilist what can be else which has nipple discharge Blepharitis, MGD chronic dry eye, scarring on the eye and can be easily transmitted as i am also disgnosed with blepharitis CBC is normal can this be any infection all the symptoms are systemioc and intermittent as the redness and the itching can start from any part of the body specially when exposed to heat

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