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Friday, March 06, 2009 Vivrien, Community Member, asks

Q: Prognosis for Stage 2 Hypertension

What is the prognosis and life expectancy for a person with Stage 2 Hypertension?  That is, how long can an untreated person be expected to live and what might they die from?

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Brenda, Community Member
10/14/09 8:02pm

not quite understanding why, if you know you have stage 2 hypertension, you would leave it untreated. (???)  However the internet has a wealth of information on the subject and as i have just today been diagnosed with stage 2 I have found many sites warning of heart attacks and strokes  - nobody can predict the timing of this but all the sites I have found stress that immediated treatment is needed.  My EKG came back ok and Dr. is guessing my hbp is caued by anxiety (I just had 3 close young friends die and also was at home when some nut broke into my home and came after me with a knife) even thinking it is anxiety caused they still insisted i be put on med right away (my bp was 150/100) and they chose a beta blocker (atenolol) and if lowered in two weeks will see about taking me off it.....        if you are just against medcal treatment then I am not sure why you would even bother to get your bp checked but i wish you the best of luck with it...   non-medical treatment - try healthy low salt diet, exercise, no smoking or drinking, it could lower it and certainly wouldn't hurt.

viv, Community Member
10/16/09 11:28pm

Thanks.  It's not me--it's the hubby--I was just wondering how worried I should be. ;D  It's not uncommon for him to have 150/100 as well.


I wish you luck and am glad you are seeking treatment.  I wish my husband was seeking treatment as well. 

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