• Marie Marie
    February 12, 2009
    Is low BP 90/50 Bad?
    Marie Marie
    February 12, 2009

    I always had normal to Low Blood Pressure. I am healthy 52 yr old female with no medical problems.  My "normal " BP is usually around 95/60. But for no apparent reason, it often goes down to 86/48, 90/52 , etc. (  I have a BP kit at home) This seems so low. I have a cardiologist who knows it gets so low. When I asked him if this could be serious or if I should be concerned he said "just eat pretzels-for the salt". Should I be worried and seek another medical opinion, is this normal? I recently starting taking Omega-3 for health benefits,( my BP was low before I started taking them), could they be lowering my BP and does exercising on thread mill lower BP Too? Please help.



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  • trinkettt February 25, 2009
    February 25, 2009

    Hi. I dont have an answer for you, but just wanted to share with you that my B/P goes down to 94/48 sometimes.  Im on Toprol xl and am curious if that is causing mine to be so low?  Good luck with yours!Smile

  • nikki0506 March 19, 2013
    March 19, 2013

    Yes, omega-3 will absolutely lower your blood pressure, excercise generally does not, its affect is usually the opposite. Omega-3 will also reduce cholesterol  in the blood as well. Your doctor is right suggesting foods with more salt, pretzels, salted crackers. salted nuts etc... the extra sodium will have the affect of raising your BP to more 'normal' levels while your omega 3 supplements do their job giving your cardio function extra protection. I do work in an Internalist physicians office as a certified medical assistant, I hope this helps!

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