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Friday, October 03, 2008 basiklady, Community Member, asks

Q: my avg blood pressure this past week has been 154/110 should i seek medical attention

my doctor has told me to just monitor for a couple of weeks but im concerned until this past week ive always had normal  bp.

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Neil MD, Health Pro
10/ 6/08 8:26pm

Hello Basiklady,


Certainly 150s/110s is too high of blood pressure.  If you repeated get BP measures over 120/80 or so, you likely have hypertension or high blood pressure.


That being said, let me reassure you, that a BP of 154/110 is not terribly high.  It is high enough that you should be treated for it, with diet, exercise, and likely medication.  However, unless you having symptoms of high blood pressure, you are most likely fine until you see your physician again.


Symptoms to watch out for include persistent headaches, dizziness, changes in vision, new onset and severe weakness, and tingling in your fingers and toes, as these are some, but not all, signs of blood pressure that is too high.


Of course, be sure to make a follow-up visit with your physician to discuss your blood pressure.


To your health,

Neil MD

Dago Tim, Community Member
4/26/10 10:09pm

SmileMy blood preassure goes so drasticly up and down and is alot of the time like today at 163/101 and in the last few days i have been so dizzy every time i stand up with nasuea and cold sweats at night and it seems like i cant ever catch my breath! I am so scared and wish i knew what to do myself but after looking online and not to try and self diagnose but it looks like Acute Coronary Syndrome which 1.2 million Ameircans suffer Heart Attacks from each year. When you live your life to the fullest having the most fun you can but ignoring all the signs when your body is trying to let you know but still you dont listen what in the world do you do to even begin to start picking up the pieces and making the changes in your life that are so necessary in order to continue to live??? God Help Us All no matter how we have come to this so very serious affliction!              Sincerly, Dago Tim, San Diego CA.

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