• jacksondrew jacksondrew
    April 02, 2010
    Is a blood pressure of 170/100 too high?
    jacksondrew jacksondrew
    April 02, 2010

    I have recently been informed by my doctor that my blood pressure is 170/100. What does this mean?  I have no history of high blood pressure. It does not exist in my family. What could be causing this, and how do I lower it?



  • Lisa Nelson
    Health Pro
    April 03, 2010
    Lisa Nelson
    Health Pro
    April 03, 2010

    The Joint National Committee defines four blood pressure categories, and your blood pressure falls into this category:


    "Very High Range - Stage 2 Hypertension
    Systolic (top) blood pressure 160 mm Hg or high
    Diastolic (bottom) blood pressure 100 mm Hg or higher
    If in this range you have hypertension (high blood pressure)."


    A blood pressure of 170/100 falls into the very high range. You should definitely follow up with your doctor about your blood pressure to see what kind of medication and lifestyle changes you can use to lower it. Untreated high blood pressure can greatly increase a person's risk of having a stroke and other health problems. 


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