• Mirsad Mirsad
    April 28, 2008
    I am hypertensionist and I have a simple question , does beet juice affects a medicine lisinopril ?
    Mirsad Mirsad
    April 28, 2008

    Because one night as I used beet juice for 7 days on the row and same tiem I was taking lisinopril , it happened to me that my pulse was very slow and again slower which caused me problems on breathing , and after this I nearily stopped breathing I felt kind of something in my legs and arms and again breathing was worst as pulse was almost stopped and suddenly the heart started beating very fast and I went immediately to the emeergence centre because it was after midnight and I couldn't go at my cardiologist , and my BP was 160/100 I was afraid to tell my doctor about this on the next days and I went to see another cardiologist and he made me an exray of my heart and told me that everything is OK with my heart because I do make a lots of excercise and he said that it runs like an athlete.

    And from that day I never drank again a beet juice when I am using lisinopril.

    I am 36 years old. My heart beats less than 60 per minute when resting, is it normal. It is between 52-58 when resting.

    My question is what was that reaction that I 've had of lowering my heart beat and then it rapidly started to beat so qiuckly. Thank you,




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