• shah shah
    November 13, 2008
    High Blood Pressure
    shah shah
    November 13, 2008

    I am 38 now. Just 3 weeks back I blacked out two times consecutively during office hours. I rushed towards the hospital and found that my blood pressure was at 150/100. After two days after having dinner I went to my bed and surprisingly started feeling very fast palpitation. I went to the hospital and found that my Blood pressure was at 170/130. They put capotin under my tongue. After one hour I went back to my home with bp at 130/90.

    Next day I went to a cardiologist and he prescribed me a medicine Advant 8 mg. He suggested echo and ETT. Both were clear except a mild LVH found in echo. Blood test has been done in which two things are beyond normal. Blood uric acid was at 8.3 and lipid profile was as under

    VLDL = 26

    Trigly...= 130

    Ldl = 138

    Hdl = 41

    Total chelosterol = 200

    Now I eat just vegetables and fruits from the last 3 weeks and walk daily for atleast 1.5 hours on a slightly fast pace. ( I was 200 pounds before and now reduced 14 pounds).Use zyloric 300 daily but still sometimes my Blood pressure goes rocket high without any symptom. Doctor says its normal and its just due to high uric acid. Please tell me what to do as I am feeling very weak and helpless? The problem is that my my diastolic pressure always shoots up. Let me tell you that I quit smoking just 10 days before and my pulse rate at rest is always between 48 and 60 with normal BP and 100 BPM when my BP shoots. Also before this episode, I used to go for regular checkups and never ever found my BP over 110/70  . Thanks



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