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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 Mdmoss, Community Member, asks

Q: How long should postpartum hypertension last?

I am 40 years old, gave birth to my third child via C-section and developed hypertension my third day in the hospital.  This was my first experience with high blood pressure.  My doctor put me on labetalol since I was and still am nursing and he thought the problem would resolve itself in a month or two.  It is now nine months and my blood pressure is normal but only becuase of the Labelalol.  How long should this last - I want to stop taking the Labetalol. 

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Lisa Nelson, Health Pro
6/10/09 5:23pm

Hi Mdmoss,


This is really dependent on your situation and I recommend discussing your concerns with your doctor.  Also, evaluate your diet and lifestyle to see what changes you can make to promote a lower blood pressure.  Here's a link where you can find more information - http://www.healthcentral.com/high-blood-pressure/treatment.html?ic=4019.


All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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apk, Community Member
7/ 1/09 4:33pm


I just had the same thing happen to me. I am 36 yo and just gave birth to my second child. I have never had high bp and had not high bp readings during either pregnancies. I had a c-section both times. Three days after the section I had high bp and was placed on Labetatol.  My dr. keeps telling me it should last for about 6 weeks and that is all hormone related. I am hanging on every word she says because I do trust her and pray that this resolves. I am very down about it and getting anxious about it. How are you feeling?

Mdmoss, Community Member
7/ 1/09 7:53pm

I feel fine and I always have but still on Labetatol and my baby will be 10 months old on Saturday.  I am still nursing so I'm not going to get too worried about it until nursing is over and my hormones and body are back to normal but I really hope to get off of the medication.  I lost all of the baby weight and then some and I had hoped getting back to a normal weight would take care of the situation but that was not the case.  Don't get down about it - I was completely panicked when it first happened to me since my bp was always perfect but I'm fine.  I guess my next plan would be trying to cut out sodium ... I hope for you it is the 6 weeks like your doctor said!

Love my three boys!, Community Member
8/ 8/12 12:05pm

Hi I know its been a while since you were having this issue, but I a wondering if your blood pressure ever went back to its normal readings?  I am currently having the same issue =/

Penor, Community Member
1/12/10 11:31am

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G, Community Member
2/ 8/10 12:30pm

I am experiencing a similar thing at 39 years old.  I had postpartum hypertension following my first c-section that resolved itself without medication.  I had my 2nd c-section 8 months ago and had to be put on meds postpartum.  It all seemed to resolve within a couple of months but now I my pressure is back up.  I have never had problems with my BP in my life and am wondering if this could still be related to the pregnancy.  And now my doc thinks I may have a new heart murmur...again I am wondering if all of this somehow relates back to the pregnancy.  I guess I am glad others are having similar experiences, now we just need to find out how to fix it!


rjc484, Community Member
4/27/10 11:33pm

I delivered my daughter vaginally in 2005 and my blood pressure spiked up after delivery and never went back down.  Although I have a strong family history of hyp., I hadn't been diagnosed with it prior to delivery (I was 35 at the time).  The doctors tried me on a variety of medicines because my blood pressure was hard to control and because we were interested in having more children (thus, the doc was limited in terms of what he could prescribe to me).  I remember labetalol, coreg, toprol xl, methyldopa, hydrochlorothiazide, liprinosil and probably some others.  I also nursed my daughter for 13 months.


So far, the problem hasn't resolved itself--I am still hypertensive and am currently taking 200mg toprol xl and 10mg norvasc daily.  A few weeks ago, the doctors found that I had critically low potassium and a benign adrenal mass.  The doctor added potassium pills and spironolactone to my dailyregimen.  I will be having surgery to remove it in the next few weeks.  The condition is called hyperaldosteronism and it is associated with difficult to control hypertension and low potassium.  My hope is that the surgery will address both of those issues.


For anyone reading this, has your doctor ruled out your hypertension possibly being caused by another issue?


cmetexasgirl, Community Member
1/ 7/14 2:26pm

Hi there, being tested now for adrenal tumors. Can you tell me symptoms you had besides high blood pressure? Also, how are you doing now?

Thank you for your time!


mckenna, Community Member
7/ 6/13 2:49am

This happen to me as well i would say try to come off the medicine your body should be back to normal mine lasted 9months as well r u stil havin problems 

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