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Thursday, December 03, 2009 Nat, Community Member, asks

Q: Can a rise in blood pressure cause you to feel sleepy or tired all of a sudden?

I'm on medication for my blood pressure now and have been for about six or seven years. For about two years I've been getting very tired all of a sudden. It's a strange feeling, almost like a fever comes over me and I get very sleepy and feel like I need to lie down. (But I do not want to!)   I have talked to my neurologist, my hemotologist, and my gynecologist about this, as well as my family doctor. I have had a stress test and an MRI and everything was normal.

They all seem to think it is depression, but I don't! I wonder if it is a rise in my blood pressure or maybe the start of menopause?  Please help.

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Lisa Nelson, Health Pro
12/ 4/09 1:49pm

Hi Nat, 

There are typically no physical symptoms associated with high blood pressure.  However, there is always the exception.  Here are a few of the top physical symptoms associated with high blood pressure - headache, dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, and loss of vision.  So, you are not completely off-base thinking there may be a connection between your sudden sleepiness and a blood pressure spike.

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All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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