• samlockheart samlockheart
    June 18, 2008
    Causes of sudden spike in blood pressure
    samlockheart samlockheart
    June 18, 2008

    My mother is in her early 50's, she's never smoked, does not drink and does not eat red meat. She has always been very health-conscious and besides a thyroid problem a couple of years ago, she's never been diagnosed with any illnesses. Two months ago, she started feeling weak and disoriented all of a sudden, and it turns out her blood pressure had spiked to the point where she could not get home from a neighbor's house. After a trip to the ER where she got an anti-anxiety pill, she was back to normal for a couple of days. The problem is that this sudden spike in blood pressure keeps coming back, about once a week or so. It seems to always happen in the early evening, especially when she's walking to or from her house, running errands, etc.


    I have told her to go see a doctor right away, but she doesn't seem to think there is any reason to get an appointment in a hurry. She wants to wait until after my brother's wedding, which will happen in about 3 weeks. Should I be worried and insist that she goes for a doctor's appointment and tests right away? My mother hates pills and doctors, as she leans towards a "naturalist" view of diet and lifestyle, and I am having a really hard time convincing her that this could be serious. What could be causing this and how serious should she take it?


    Thank you very much! 



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  • concerned July 25, 2010
    July 25, 2010

    I know you posted this some time ago, but my mother is having "episodes".  She is 71 and they have become much more frequent.  Dizziness, trouble speaking, confusion, etc.  It seems her BP is spiking, but after a few months...dr's are still puzzled. 

    Did you ever find out a diagnosis?

    • dblack
      January 22, 2011
      January 22, 2011

      My mother is 71, also and has been having these same symptons, it happens randomly sometimes a week a part, some times months a part.  It seems to be preceeded by being tired.  What did they find out for your Mom?

    • SherylS
      February 07, 2011
      February 07, 2011
      I'm really curious about this too, this is happening to my mom as well and she's 71 too. I've been trying to find some help ffor this and especially the dizziness. She's been on blood pressure meds for quite a few years and they've varied. Right now she's taking lisinopril and atenolol. READ MORE
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  • Scuba November 24, 2008
    November 24, 2008
    There is a girl in my office, about 44 years old and the exact same thing happened to her.  Considering the fact that a 57 year old, otherwise healthy individual, at our place of employment died two weeks ago from a heart attack, she is being proactive about seeking medical attention.  The spikes in blood pressure does not run in her family and she has NEVER had a problem with high blood pressure.  When she had gone to the ER they told her that her BP was at stroke level.  The next day, she did the treadmill test which showed no known blockages but today she will have blood work done and probably be on meds for the BP.  The fear are reality of a stroke is just too scary not to do anything.  I believe that if our 57 yr old male friend had done something when he started feeling ill, he would still be here today.  You can never be too proactive about your health care.    READ MORE
  • eagleeye February 10, 2012
    February 10, 2012
    I am a 41 year old who has spikes in BP and my doctor thinks I am crazy.  I get frustrated with her because she keeps throwing pills at it. I feel something more is triggering this.  I have been eating right.  My cholesterol is where it should be.  I workout at a gym.  It is surprising to me with all I am doing that I get huge spikes that scare me and my husband.  Even he says what the %$#@ is going on.  He know I have been doing all the right things. The last time I went into my doctors  office I brought in a Panoramic x-ray that I had taking at my dentist.  Which happens to be an office I work at.  On my pan the dentist noticed a calcified ligament in my neck.  He said did you know you have Eagle Syndrome.  I said NO.  He said you may want to get it checked if you keep having problems with dizziness when you turn your head. I also had severe one sided headaches, palpitations, weakness and BP would go up.  The dentist said it can push on carotid arteries and cut off blood flow during time that you turn.  I think my doctor got offended that I was pushing to get this checked.  She wrote another RX for blood pressure.   Which almost landed me in the hospital.  I had the opposite reaction to it.  My BP went sky high.  I know something is wrong.  I can see why people don't want to go in to see doctors who think they know better than the patient their symptoms.   Sometimes I think they are on auto pilot and don't care.  I finally got an Oral Surgeon our office refers patient to say yes you have eagles and I need to get a CT to see if pushing on something.  He wants his friend who is a ENT to check me also.  I go monday.  This is very rare but they have started to question deaths do to carotid pressure causing carotid anyerism.  I am looking for a new Doctor.  She keeps telling me arthritis is my problem.  I don't want assumptions I want facts and test.  She is not willing to do tests.  Even though I showed her an x-ray with fact that it is there.  She still said she knows the body and it is arthritis.  I am done with assumptions.  I know my body better than her.  Something is not right.  I have seen a few others in our office with this on their pan.  May of them have had symptoms that they can't get their doctors to find out what is causing it.  I question eagle syndrome.  Most are asymptomatic but the few with it is hard to get doctors to look outside the box and listen.  My doctor also sent me for sleep apnea which at the time I thought it could possibly make my heart work harder. Maybe causing spikes.  It didn't help.  With eagles you can feel a ligament in the back of your throat.  The pressure from the air triggered severe symptoms and causes severe weakness, ear ringing, numbness to left side of my face and stabbing left side headache.  All on the side ligament is on.  I asked my son if my face was dooping.  Extra oxygen made it worse because of air flow pressure from c-pap.  Sorry so long but I wanted to help people see that not all doctors got it together.  Go with your gut feelings.  These weird spikes are our bodies way of telling us something is wrong.  Don't let assumptions rule get facts. READ MORE
  • Stephanie April 07, 2015
    April 07, 2015
    She better go and get help now, because mines started last March 21st 2014 and has and is still spiking for no reason at all, the doctors are no better, all they will do is stick her on a bunch of medications, some that will make her very ill, I just came out of the hospital from ICU from taking Lisinopril to lower my Blood Pressure, it is not going anywhere! READ MORE
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