• My blood pressure has been running very low, what could cause this?

    I am tired alot, I push myself to keep going, I would rather be sleeping. my pressure has been, on 6/17/09-85/62 w/100 heart rate. same day 15 minutes later 96/69 w/99 h-r. next day 102/65 w/94 h-r. same day 112/74 w/82 h-r. 19th 98/62 w/65 h-r. 1 hr later 104/67 w/73 h-r. 11 hrs later 106/76 w/94 h-r. 20th 100/63 w/76 h-r. 7hrs. later 85/64 w/90 h-r. 21st 96/56 w/76 h-r. 5 hrs later 101/50 w/83 h-r. 9hrs later 104/70 w/93 h-r. 22nd 89/66 w/73 h-r 8hrs later 98/66 w/77 h-r. Right now, which is 5 1/2 hrs since last one is 93/63 w/69 h-r. I am always under alot of stress, I have been trying to slow down, and not worry about everything as much. should I go to a Doctor? can u give me some idea of whats going on?




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