• NinjaMama NinjaMama
    July 16, 2009
    Should I be concerned about low pulse?
    NinjaMama NinjaMama
    July 16, 2009

    I am a 43 yr old woman recently diagnosed with hypertension. Dr has prescribed Lisinopril 20 mg with a diuretic 25 mg 1x day (taken at 8:00 pm). After taking the medication for less than a week, my bp is 137/88 with pulse rate of 55. Although, my Dr feels I need to give the medication a couple of weeks, I am concerned about the side effects. Along with classic migraine symptoms I am experiencing dizziness, cough, burning in chest (only in the morning), fatigue. All with minimal amount of exertion.


    Are my concerns without merit? Recent heart, cholesterol and diabetes screenings were good. I must mention that I am going thru menopause.


    What questions should I be asking my doctor? My nurse at work is concerned about the low pulse.



  • Lisa Nelson
    Health Pro
    July 16, 2009
    Lisa Nelson
    Health Pro
    July 16, 2009

    Hi NinjaMama,


    The symptoms you're experiencing do warrant concern/monitoring.  If after waiting the period of time your physician would like and the symptoms do not improve I would discuss different treatment options with your physician.


    As far as your low heart rate.  The typical adult heart rate is ~70 beats per minute, but a range of 50-100 beats per minute can be considered normal depending on the individual.  Again, I recommend discussing your concerns with your physician and monitoring..


    All the best,

    Lisa Nelson RD

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