• Nina Nina
    December 01, 2010
    How can I bring my hormone levels back to normal without taking the birth control pill ?
    Nina Nina
    December 01, 2010

    I do not have a history of irregular periods or hormonal imbalance. After a half of year of constant stress due to sudden life style changes, improper nutrition, lack of exercise, etc it seems natural that my body would have a breakdown. I would like to know if my symptoms (increased hairgrowth on face and other body parts that were never so hairy, blemishes and pimples that are highly unusual for my skin, overall lethargy and memory lapses) are due to too much or too little testosterone.


    Also, is my only option the birth control pill or are there other ways in which I can get my body back to normal naturally ? I imagine this drastic change is reversible or may be temporary ? How can I know for sure ?


    Thank you so much.



  • Lisa Nelson, RD, LN
    Health Pro
    December 01, 2010
    Lisa Nelson, RD, LN
    Health Pro
    December 01, 2010

    Hi Nina,


    You'd really be best contacting your physician to discuss the pros/cons of all your options and to diagnose the cause behind your symptoms. If you are not satisfied with your physician's input, there is nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion. Finding a physician who specializes in hormones would probably be best. Maybe ask your current physician for a referral.


    All the best,

    Lisa Nelson RD

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