• wrreefer wrreefer
    October 12, 2010
    extreme shortness of breath, constant fatigue, and sometimes tingling in my arms. Doctors say everything is fine. I'm concerned about having a stroke.
    wrreefer wrreefer
    October 12, 2010

    When I have these episodes my blood pressure is usally at around 170-180/100. I was recently in the ER because also the left side of my face felt numb as though I had been given novacaine. They sent me home with no reason.  I am 55 years old and don't think I should be feeling this horrible.  I am not on any BP medicine.  The once every 6 months I see my doctor BP is around 130/70.  Everytime I have gone to the ER it has been high.  Once 200/100, the last time 196/96.  What could be causing this?  I feel like something is seriousy wrong.  The echo came back with mild triscupid regurgitation by the doctor says it is nothing of concern.  I am 35 pounds overweight.




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