Sunday, May 01, 2016

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Wife need answers

Wife need answers, Community Member


High Blood Pressure

need some help with BP and taking Lisonoprel 40mg.  Husband is 39 years old and he is having is heart beating really fast and everyone tells him he is ok.  Need help i dont know what to do for him.


Wendy, Community Member


My husband is worrying me

Hello everyone.  My husband was dx with high blood pressure back in Nov or so.  His pressure was 155/110. Yeah I know! The doc said that is was high and looked back and said it had been high in the past but he was always sick those times.  he gave him an ACE med to start taking and had to go for blood work.  I will add that... Read moreChevron

Marilyn Farr

Marilyn Farr, Community Member



My husband once had High blood pressure and High cholesterol but not now.  We found a healthy product out there that helps get rid of them.



(801) 489-8363


2boysmom, Community Member


Pre-Hypertensive Teenager

My teenage son was recently diagnosed as having pre-hypertension.  The doctor doesn't want to put him on any medication which we don't want either.  We're trying to read about controlling his blood pressure with diet, but we're getting a little overwhelmed right now.... Read moreChevron

Ed Hughes

Ed Hughes, Community Member


2 BP pills day, high in am

Two blood pressure pills being taken daily 1 at 9pm & 1 at 9am. BP readings are taken before each pill. The reading at 9pm is respectable (155/76). The readings at 9am are too

high 173/107, 157/93, 180/94, 192/110. BP pill is ATENOLOL 50mg. Have experminted

with 2 pills at 9pm & the am reading is still... Read moreChevron