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Distilling Clarity from Confusion: Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Diabetes

In a recent sharepost I discussed lowering blood pressure (BP) and mentioned the new guideline from the National Health, Lung, and Blood Institute of... Read moreChevron

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I am a Montreal, Canada-based integrative health practitioner. I have worked very closely with a female patient over the last 5 years and have had very good success in helping her lower both her weight and blood pressure.


I have documented her story in my newsletter called focus and I have... Read moreChevron

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bugsandc53, Community Member


question about true readings

I understand that a higher blood pressure (say, 135/80 and up) does more damage to blood vessels than the lower readings. My husband and I both, after sitting quietly, and taking it a few times (!) can get readings at home of about 125/75 or even lower to 110/70. The first reading after sitting down might be 137/80 or so. We both run around a lot... Read moreChevron

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Migraines and high blood pressure

Basically I am looking for a second opinion of sorts, or maybe just a another ear. My blood pressure runs an even 110 over 65, but during a migraine it will rise with the pain. In fact just this past week when I went in for a Facet block (during a migraine attack) my blood pressure was 173 over 111. I was placed on an IV and given... Read moreChevron


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Erratic blood pressure

I'm 70, female, and I've never had high blood pressure until a few weeks ago. I had been on a non-working thyroid medicine and although it was changed and it's now working fine. My doctor gave me 300 mg Tekturna for my blood pressure which had skyrocketed to 171/92. Now, four weeks later, my blood pressure is running from 102/62 to... Read moreChevron