Weather's Impact on IBD Symptoms; Sunshine = A Happy Gut

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  • According to the calendar, spring begins in about three weeks on March 20th. This year, it can't come soon enough for me. It may be that I'm getting older (42!) or that here in Colorado we had an inordinately cool and wet summer last year, but either way I'm tired of the cold and cloudy weather. I'm ready for sun, warmth, and the happiness that those two things seem to bring to my gut.


    I don't know about the rest of you, but bright, sunny days and warm temperatures in the 70's seem to make me and my gut happy. Or at least happier than when it's 30 degrees and cloudy. I used to think I was making this fact up, or was simply living in a state of wishful thinking when about eight years ago I realized that when my gut went nuts - you know in-and-out of the bathroom ten times in the space of an hour - sitting in the sun would help it to calm down. As I mentioned in an earlier Sharepost, a doctor recently explained to me that it is the vitamin D3 we get from the sun that actually makes my gut relax and calm down. I don't understand all the medical reasons of how vitamin D3 helps, but I do understand that the effect, for me, is real.

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    From the moment I woke up this morning my gut was on a rampage. One, then two, then three, four, and five trips to the bathroom. Frustrating to say the least. But thankfully, today the sun has finally come back out to shine. We've been having clouds and snow here in Colorado for the past week, so seeing the sun, even from my bathroom window, made me smile. And as the temperature rose to 40 degrees I donned my coat and grabbed a chair off my front porch to situate in the sunniest spot on the sidewalk. And there I sat soaking up that yellow warming goodness. Some neighbors came out to ask what in the heck I was doing. And when I replied, "Just soakin' up some vitamin D," They looked at me as if I had two heads. But, really, 30 mins. of sunshine is all you need to get that vitamin D3 quota for your day. And in all honesty, after sitting there, on the sidewalk in my deck chair I could feel my gut calm, and the corners of my mouth turn upwards into my I-love-sunshine smile. And, best of all, I haven't had to visit the bathroom since!


    Sunshine is the best medicine for my gut on a bad day. But maybe you have some other method that works for you and your gut? If so, tell us about it. Just click on the Share Your Story button and tell us about what helps you on a "bad gut day."


    Here's hoping for sunny, warmer days ahead!   

Published On: March 02, 2010