Support IBD Bill Today!

Elizabeth Roberts Health Guide
  • If you do only one thing this year to support those of us who have Inflammatory Bowel Disease and their families, let your government representatives know that you want them to support the IBD Bill.


    Currently, there are a total of 115 co-sponsors for the IBD Research and Awareness Act. But this number needs to increase for the bill to succeed. This is a bill to support research and public awareness activities with respect to the Inflammatory Bowel Disease and for other purposes. If we can get this bill passed, it will mean more money to support research for a cure of IBD, and more support for those of us already living with IBD.

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    You can check to see if your legislators have signed on to support this bill by going to: Then, if they haven't the same site will easily help you write an email or letter asking for their support.


    Please do this today. And pass the word along to as many friends and family as possible. Time is running out and we don't want to miss this important opportunity to further the research and potential cure for IBD.


    Thanks for your support. Don't forget, act today!



Published On: June 25, 2010