New Study Shows Effects of Antibiotics on IBD

Elizabeth Roberts Health Guide


    This is a must read article if you have IBD and have taken antibiotics in the past. While antibiotics can be helpful, even life saving in the right circumstances, they can also be devastasting to the good/bad bacterial flora balance we have and need in our GI tract.


    Never take an antibiotic unless it is absolutely necessary for a true bacterial infection.


    Antibiotics will do nothing to help with a virus, the flu, a cold, or even most day-to-day sinus infections (which tend to be viral). Understand antibiotics before you may need them and question your doctor about their use if they prescribe them for you. If you really need them they can be very effective, if you don't truly need them they can be quite destructive in the short and long run.

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Published On: September 28, 2011