Gluten Free Diet Shakes Up Tennis

Melina Young Health Guide
  • Novak Djokovic has become a force in the tennis world recently. He has won the last 37 straight matches, with seven titles - including multiple wins against tennis giants Federer and Nadal. This is not his first season and previously he was much less than exemplary in the sport. This change from zero to hero is causing countless outcries from fans wanting to know, "What changed?"


    The difference is simple. Djokovic was told he was allergic to gluten (different than celiac disease) so he cut it completely from his diet. The result? According to ESPN commentator and Andre Agassi's former coach, "I've never seen anybody move better on a tennis court in my life. He's so flexible, he can make impossible gets with ease."

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    As someone who cannot eat gluten, I love to see celiac disease and gluten intolerance (allergy, etc) making headlines - especially in the Wall Street Journal. In my opinion, the more people that are exposed to this disease the better. Personally, I had never even heard the word gluten (that I can remember) before my diagnosis, and most people I speak to about it are very confused about what gluten (and celiac disease) is.


    I know I have felt better since I eliminated the gluten - I got the energy and drive to run my first 5k last month. What have you done since cutting out gluten? Have you seen miraculous changes in your body like Djokovic?

Published On: May 17, 2011