FDA Gluten Free Food Labeling Rule

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  • On Tuesday, August 2, the FDA posted a news release announcing that they are reopening the comment period for the gluten free food labeling rule. The basic information in the release explains that the FDA is looking into having the guidelines be more stringent for allowing a label announce that it is "Gluten Free." The proposal does not want anything with 20ppm (parts per million) or more of gluten to be able to say it is GF. This is the smallest amount that can be tested according to the release. There is a 60-day comment period open starting on August 3, 2011.


    As someone with celiac disease, I am really happy to see this labeling rule being analyzed. I always get so frustrated when I see a package that loudly announces "Gluten Free!" on the front, and when through the ingredients list it says "contains wheat." I want to say, "Um...excuse me. Do you know that gluten is in wheat?" I feel bad for those who aren't as diligent in reading packaging and may have missed the fine print on the side of the box.

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    Many people I have come across consider people who don't eat gluten as "picky" or "fad dieters" and don't take those of us with celiac disease into account. I don't really want to never have gluten again, but I have to be very exacting when I buy food. I hope that as more people understand how strict we need to be in our purchase of products and food preparation that they will start to truly understand the nature of this disease. I consider this to be a great step forward and encourage anyone else who feels that way to comment on the docket (instructions in the link to the press release above).


    What do you think about this? Do you think it will be good? How have you been effected by your celiac? I can't wait to hear from you!

Published On: August 04, 2011