Seven Common Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis

ABush Editor
  • Here are seven ways to tell if you might be suffering from UC: 


    Abdominal cramping: UC affects the inner lining of the rectum and colon, causing it to wear away in spots and leave ulcers.  This wear and tear on the digestive tract can cause severe abdominal cramping, pain and nausea.


    Bloody stool: During an UC flare, patients often report bloody diarrhea, sometimes containing pus or mucus.


    Urgency: Some patients report a feeling that they have little warning before they need to have a bowel movement, making it difficult to get to a bathroom in time.


    Sleep interruption: During an UC flare, some people wake during the night due to frequent bowel movements.  

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    Weight loss: UC hinders the body's ability to absorb both nutrients and calories. As a result, people with UC often have nutrition deficiencies and can struggle to maintain a healthy weight.


    Dehydration: Many people experience dehydration during an UC flare.  It is important to try to  drink as much water as possible during a flare to avoid dehydration.  


    Frequency of symptoms: Each patient will experience UC in a different way and on a different schedule. It is important to keep track of the frequency and severity of each symptom to help minimize both the number and severity of UC flares.


Published On: July 18, 2013