Food Functions May Not Be Fun With IBD!

  • We live in a society in which almost every social function involves food. We celebrate with food, when we get together there is food and when someone passes away there is food! While that is not necessarily a bad thing in every instance it can make negotiating your Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) all the more difficult. In this article we will discuss some planning tips to make these functions a bit easier on your stomach.


    If you have absolutely no idea what is going to be served at a specific function plan to eat a small meal ahead of time. That way if you only find one or two things that you can eat you won't be starving to death before you get home. Pot lucks can be a good opportunity for you to make some "safe" foods and bring them to share. Just make sure you get your own serving before the dish is emptied out.

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    Many hostesses, especially if they are friends and know you have IBD, will ask if there is something specific you can or can't eat. Be gracious but also give some suggestions so that the hostess can make some accommodations for you. Most people really want to help so let them! You can always offer to bring some items if you feel your requests may be too burdensome.


    Going out to eat may seem daunting but it can actually be one of the easiest things to deal with, with a bit of preparation. If you know the restaurant ahead of time you can look them menu up online and decide what would be the best option for you before you even set foot in the door. If there is a type of food or restaurant that you know you won't be able to eat at, speak up! It can help to mention three or so places that you know you can find tummy friendly food. Then your friends can pick from those choices. Most restaurants can alter their meals to fit almost any specifications as well.


    With a little planning you can negotiate all of the "food functions" with out causing tummy troubles. Happy eating everyone!




Published On: July 29, 2011