Eating your Veggies may Provide Immune Boost in IBD!

  • As a nutritionist I am constantly preaching the value of healthy eating in disease prevention. I firmly believe that many disease could be prevented or eliminated by proper eating. While there is no known cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, many patients report to me that when they eat healthfully they feel much better.


    Now there is even more research to substantiate these claims. A recent study discussed in the journal Cell found that green vegetables contain a compound essential in proper function of immune cells in the GI tract and on the skin. After feeding mice a vegetable poor diet for two to three weeks they actually lost 20-30% of these immune protective cells (1).

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    While the exact mechanisms that influence the development of Inflammatory Bowel Disease are not known this study shows promising research in the area of GI immunity. If nothing less, this is definitely an additional incentive for IBD patients to play close attention to their diets and be sure to include plenty of vegetables.

Published On: November 04, 2011