Keeping Healthy Habits through December

  • This time of year can be pretty stressful for most people.  The hustle and bustle of the holidays can leave us feeling stressed and sick. If you have a chronic illness, it can be even more difficult. 


    Here are some ways to make it through these crazy days with your sanity and health intact. 

    The first thing that usually goes when we get busy is sleep. Make sure you are getting enough sleep for your body to rest and renew.  Most people need somewhere between seven and nine hours a night. Make it a priority, like taking medications, to get the right amount of sleep for your body. If you find that you are suffering from insomnia, talk to your doctor about ways to deal with it so that your body does not pay the price.

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    Sometimes, in all the holiday activity, we can neglect to take our regular medications. Make sure you don’t forget or lose track.  It’s very easy to set an alarm on your cell phone. Also, be sure to check your prescriptions and get refills before the pharmacies are closed for a holiday. If you are headed out of town, get enough medication to cover your trip.

    Stay focused on  healthy eating through the holiday season. Yes, we all want a slice of pie here and there, but the holidays shouldn’t be an excuse for binge eating or straying too far from what keeps you feeling good. Don't undo the good work you’ve done for the sake of a holiday party. 

    Get your flu shot and a pneumonia vaccine (if recommended by your doctor). These can prevent those two big illnesses this winter. Keep up with proper hand washing and limit your exposure to people who have recently been sick. Proper food handling can also prevent any issues with food-borne illness over the holidays.

    And last, a little exercise helps a lot. You don't have to sweat it out at the gym if that is not your thing. A walk in the woods,  cleaning out the garage, going dancing or anything else that gets you moving can help. Exercise boosts the immune system and can also fight the stress that can come with this season.

    Just a short time spent being mindful of your health can pay dividends. Be good to your body and have a healthy and happy holiday!

Published On: November 07, 2011