Blogging: Huge Benefits for Patients!

  • Beth Anderson recently pointed me to an article written by Dr Kevin Campbell about the benefits of patient blogging.  The article contained some really good points and Campbell went on to say that he “believe(s) that blogging can be just as important as medication compliance in patients with chronic disease.”  Just as important as medication compliance!  Sound far fetched?  It isn’t.

    As a mom who deals with children that have chronic illness I can tell you that blogging was essential in coping effectively with the strain.  As Campbell mentioned through blogging you can reduce stress, clarify your thoughts, increase your creativity and get to know yourself better.  All of those things rang true for me but the most important thing?  Validation of how the illness you are dealing with makes you feel.

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    With blogging you are able to connect with others in the similar positions.  Even people with very rare diseases are now able, thanks to the internet, connect with others that have that same illness.  This connection is important because these are the people who know how you feel and can validate those feelings.

    Validating someone’s feelings means that you are able to share your feelings in a safe environment, you are reassured that those feelings are normal and it helps you to see that you are really being heard by someone who “gets it”.  Sometimes just knowing someone else has felt the same way and gotten through it is life changing.

    If you haven’t started blogging about your illness there is no time like the present.  Health Central provides a wonderful opportunity to blog through the SharePost function.

Published On: June 04, 2013