Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

  • Well, it's that time of year again.  Traveling to see loved ones.  Dozens of holiday parties.  Most of us are extra busy during this season.  If you have IBD, you have to make some extra time to take care of your health so the holidays don't end in a huge flare up.

    One of the most important things is to remember your medications.  It can be hard to remember to take them when you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off.  Set up reminders on your phone, or put the medications in a (child safe) spot where you will see them and be reminded to take them.

    Often times you will find that your primary physician may not have as many hours over the holidays.  We had that problem over Thanksgiving break!  Take a look at all of your prescriptions and be sure that you have enough on hand, and that they have refills if needed.  Plan ahead and get stocked up.  This will prevent a medication emergency over the holiday breaks.

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    If you have to travel, plan stops for bathrooms ahead of time.  Sometimes it can be impossible to find a restroom when you are on a long drive.  A few apps are available to help you on this quest.  The Charmin Sit or Squat App is available on iTunes and will generate a list of clean restrooms near your location.  The Whizzer app works in a similar way, providing you with clean restrooms on the road.

    If you have a hard time with certain foods make sure to carry some "safe" ones with you.  If you are attending a holiday party you can ask your host what is being served. If you don't think there is anything you can eat then volunteer to bring something.  If you bring a dish you can help the host and help keep your IBD pain in check!

    Have a healthy and happy holiday season!


Published On: December 02, 2013