IBD meals made easy with the Gut Friendly Gourmet

Jennifer Rackley Health Pro
  • One of the questions I get CONSTANTLY when talking with people dealing with IBD is "What CAN I eat?". Most know what they can't eat because they've learned that lesson the hard way but developing a menu of things that will be safe for their systems... well, that is a seemingly daunting task.


    Erika faced the same challenge when she received the diagnosis of IBD. After dealing with a serious flare up of her own symptoms she decided to read up on IBD nutrition. She used her knowledge and love of cooking to develop recipes that would not only be delicious but also, as she puts it, "gut friendly". She realized quickly that eating the right foods not only helped keep her symptoms at bay but actually made her feel better!

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    Erika says it best, explaining: "No longer was I a prisoner of my gut, forced to eat bland and tasteless food while waiting for the flare to subside. Instead, I actually had some agency and ability to heal my colon and not just be at the mercy of the disease. Moreover, I could consume tasty foods that I wanted to eat and that would help shorten the duration and lessen the intensity of the flare. I not only felt liberated from the white-rice-and-chicken-breast drudgery, but was genuinely excited to get cooking".


    Friends began to ask Erika to share her recipes with them and The Gut Friendly Gourmet blog began. The recipes have been "gut tested" by Erika herself and are wonderfully inventive versions of many of her favorite foods. They do not sacrifice flavor or nutritional content to sooth but instead offer many nutritionally dense "safe" foods in mouth watering combinations.


    Erika recognizes that everyone had different trigger foods and modifications of her recipes may be necessary in some instances. That disclaimer aside she has provided a wonderful resource for those suffering with IBD and menu planning, frequently adding new recipes. Check out her blog, The Gut Friendly Gourmet, before you plan next week's meals! I plan on trying the Pumpkin Soufflé next... YUM!

Published On: February 23, 2010