IBD Nutritional Therapy Not Working? Non-compliance or Nuturitional Genomics?

Jennifer Rackley Health Pro
  • If you've ever been accused of being non-compliant with your nutritional therapy because it just didn't work, you are not alone.  Many patients report compliance with out success.  While some of those may actually be "cheating" on their diets so-to-speak there are others who may be falling prey to their own genetic make up.  Researchers believe now, more than ever, that the way the body responds to certain foods is highly influenced by the person's genetic makeup.  

    Nutritional genomics is the loosely defined as the study of nutrition and its effect on gene expression as well as how gene expression effects the nutritional needs of an individual.  It is theorized that someday soon we will be able to tailor nutritional guidelines to a person's genetic makeup.  What this means for IBD and other disease states than benefit from nutritional therapies is a more tailored and perhaps preventative approach.  Nutrients thought to prevent IBD will be given to patients who have the gene for the disease state.  Nutrients thought to prevent IBD will be given to patients who have the gene fort he disease state

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    There are also many diseases that have increased rates with in certain ethnic groups.  Nutritional genomics hopes to end some of those disparities by determining and taking a more proactive approach to dealing with the specific gene causing the issue.  

    While the study of Nutritional Genomics is in its infancy it hold a great deal of promise for the future.  It could change the way we deal with many chronic diseases forever.

Published On: June 02, 2010