Ulcerative Colitis - Part II: Lou Ann talks about Monica's diet

Jennifer Rackley Health Pro
  • Last month we talked with Lou Ann about her daughter's UC.  This is a little bit about some of the Monica's dietary struggles and some of the comfort foods she found she liked when she was in the middle of her flares.


    Jen:  We spent some time last month talking about how you dealt with Monica's UC.  I was wondering about some of the nutritional consequences as well.  Did you (and/or she) have to alter her meals due to the IBD?


    Lou Ann:  Before her surgery, her diet was very limited.  She knew what foods that she could eat that would not cause her to have bloody diarrhea and/or an upset stomach.

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    Jen:  Are there any foods that she is no longer able to eat?


    Lou Ann:  Since having the second surgery she says that she can eat anything that she wants.  It is still hard for me to believe and it is wonderful watching her eat a huge salad!  That is something she was not able to do before.

    Jen:   That is amazing.  In the past how much did nutritional status worry you?  Have nutritional deficiencies been an issue?


    Lou Ann:  During the time that she was really sick, she was anemic.  She had to take high doses of iron pills, which in turn, sometimes made the colitis worse.  She also was on daily supplements and vitamins.


    Jen:  What is the best dietary advice you have given your daughter on her IBD?


    Lou Ann:  I encouraged her to do what the doctor said to do and to give up sodas like her diet cokes.

    Jen:  Does your daughter have any special meals you like to make for her?


    Lou Ann:  She always liked chicken and dumplings, especially when she didn't feel good.  She loved homemade bread toasted for breakfast.  So as often as I could I would make homemade bread for her.  Steak was also a favorite of hers when it was grilled on the grill. 


    Jen:  Have any of those had to change due to IBD?


    Lou Ann:  Monica never wanted me to change the menu due to her condition.  However, I tried to cook things that she could eat when she was home.  Since she was living on her own most of this time, she would cook what sounded good to her.  She just seemed to know what to eat. 

    Paying attention to nutritional issues and eating carefully during flares really helped Monica.  Hopefully her tips can help you as well!


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Published On: October 07, 2008