Restroom Access and IBD: An Uncomfortable Issue!

Jennifer Rackley Health Pro
  • There have been many time during my trials of potty training twins where a restroom has been denied or inaccessible. Kids often give you very little warning and it can be "hit or miss" whether you make it to the restroom in time. While it can be comical after the fact this is a problem that many IBD patients face every time they go out into public. Not so funny anymore, right?

    More than one million people and counting are dealing with IBD. It can be very hard to have a disease that displays symptoms which can be embarrassing to talk about. A lot of the patients I have talked with tell me that it can be hard to explain their diagnosis, even to family members, because of the nature of the discussion.

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    Now imagine having to explain your disease to a salesperson or someone you don't even know... when time is of the essence. Not so simple!! Many patients I have talked to can literally tell you where every public restroom in their town is located, which ones are the cleanest etc. Some told me that they plan outings around whether a restroom will be accessible or not and in some cases have to decline invitations to events where finding a restroom might be difficult.

    While I was looking through The Foundation for Clinical Research in IBD's website I noticed a page for a "Restroom Access Pass". While this isn't exactly the breaking news I was hoping to discover I also realized it might be a nice tool for many of you dealing with IBD. If you are interested in the pass you can go HERE and fill out the form to have one mailed to your home.

    We can't force people to be compassionate but hopefully through education and tools like the "Restroom Access Pass" we can make life a bit easier for those with IBD or other GI diseases.


Published On: September 24, 2009