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Five Tips for Coping with the Emotional Impact of Ulcerative Colitis

UC and other forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, such as Crohn’s disease, can have severe physical symptoms that must be treated. Those debilitating and sometimes unexpected physical effects can also have an emotional impact. Here are some tips for dealing with the emotional side effects of UC.   Be prepared: An UC flare is very... Read moreChevron
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6 Risk Factors for Ulcerative Colitis

Here are six factors to determine if you might be at risk for ulcerative colitis.   Gender: Ulcerative colitis does not choose sides in the battle of the sexes. Both men and women are at an equal risk of developing the disease.   Age: Ulcerative colitis is most often diagnosed in people between the ages of 10 and 19. However,... Read moreChevron
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Seven Common Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis

Here are seven ways to tell if you might be suffering from UC:    Abdominal cramping: UC affects the inner lining of the rectum and colon, causing it to wear away in spots and leave ulcers.  This wear and tear on the digestive tract can cause severe abdominal cramping, pain and nausea.   Bloody stool: During an UC... Read moreChevron
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Elizabeth Roberts

Elizabeth Roberts, Health Guide

Natural Foods Chef / Nutrition Counselor / Dx: Colitis

Doctors are People, Too

Here is a link to a letter written by a primary care physician in Georgia: Being people who live with a chronic disease like IBD we can sometimes forget, or not even realize just how hard it might be for the doctor's who help us care for ourselves.   I was... Read moreChevron
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Jennifer Rackley

Jennifer Rackley, Health Guide

Nutritionist & Caregiver

Info Overload? It Happens to Physicians too!

In this day and age of information overload it can sometimes seem like a daunting task just to keep up.  Physicians reportedly have the same problem.  According to a survey in the JAMA Internal Medicine, that covered 2,600 primary care physicians working for the Veterans Administration, it’s actually a fairly big problem.Physicians... Read moreChevron
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