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Erica Sanderson

Erica Sanderson, Editor

Erica is passionate about healthy living, traveling, and journalism.

Celiac Disease and Hypothyroidism

Originally, the gluten-free diet was to treat celiac disease. Now, more people are following the gluten-free diet  for a number of personal or health-related reasons. Some physicians even recommend it for people with non-celiac conditions, particularly thyroid disorders. Below is a closer look at the connection  between these two... Read moreChevron

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tired, Community Member



on jan 24 i was released from the hopital and was diagnosed with ischemic colitis. i ws told it would go away in a few weeks as of today it is much worse. the only differece is the rectal bleeding seems to have stopped. My symptoms are consistent with crohn's or ibs. My insurance is with Kaiser & I am having a difficult time getting them to... Read moreChevron

Jackie Zimmerman

Jackie Zimmerman, Health Guide

IBD advocate living with ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis

Learning to Live with Ulcerative Colitis

Allow myself to introduce…myself. Hi! I’m Jackie Zimmerman and I am a new blogger here at HealthCentral. I am, however, not new to living with ulcerative colitis (UC) and now with my jpouch. I was diagnosed with UC in May of 2009 after a very painful and very... Read moreChevron

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S. Soltani

S. Soltani, Community Member


Sand blasting your teeth?

I just came back from the dentist. After doing all the cleaning they usually do they did a "sand-blasting treatment" that I had never gotten before. I was so surprised (and pained) by it that I asked the dentist if it was a new technology... he said it has been around for years and used for teeth whitening primarily. Does anyone know if there... Read moreChevron

Jennifer Rackley

Jennifer Rackley, Health Guide

Nutritionist & Caregiver

Nutrition as Medicine: Spice it up to Fight Inflammation

Science is starting to recognize the nutritive properties of  many of the plants that we use to flavor our foods.  Today we will talk about spicing up your meals and how it can reduce inflammation.

Two spices derived from the Zingiberaceae plant family, ginger and turmeric, have been shown to have beneficial effects in... Read moreChevron

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