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Q: Can you have both crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis?

My husband was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 8 years ago. He has been in a flare up for almost a year now and now doctors are discussing Crohn's disease. We are wondering can you be diagnosed with both?

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Elizabeth Roberts, Health Guide
10/23/08 1:40pm



Your husband wouldn't be diagnosed with both UC and Crohn's. In my case I was diagnosed with UC ten years ago. A few months ago when I was in a flare some of my symptoms made my doctor think I was trending more in the Crohn's direction. I could have a colonoscopy done to verify her theory, but for me, the treatments that I use for the UC helped the flare calm down and all is back to normal.


But no, he wouldn't have both. It's one or the other. They can be tricky to diagnose and sometimes it's not until symtpoms get worse or new symptoms arise that a definitive diagnosis can be made for one or the other.


A colonoscopy and a look at his small bowel will be the most likely tests they do to figure this out.


Good luck,


TabithaG, Community Member
7/15/09 10:10pm

Sorry, but I find it interesting that you can't be diagnosed with both UC & Crohn's Disease.  My brother was diagnosed with BOTH 6 years ago.  I myself have been dealing with issues and was explaining my family history to my PCP and he told me the same thing -- you can't be diagnosed with both, yet he HAS been diagnosed with both. 


How is it possible for one doctor to make an official diagnosis of both, yet others say it's impossible?

Elizabeth Roberts, Health Guide
7/16/09 3:11pm



You're right, there is a diagnosis now called Crohn's Colitis. More than a year ago when I answered that question I was unaware that this diagnosis existed. But, over the past 6 months I've heard more and more GI's (gastroenterologists) discuss this new diagnosis within the IBD family.


So, you are correct.



Diane, Community Member
8/10/10 3:36pm

OMG!!! Thank You ! I've have UC for 18 years,,,several years ago I was told by the same dr> I have Crohns!...Ive moved across the country ,,,this dr. calls it colitis!,,,so frustrated!,,,So yes! I believe you can have both!!

bproctor, Community Member
6/13/11 4:14pm

I agree, I have been diagnosised with both for the last 2 years.only to be complicated with CMV ( due to a compromised immune system from long time use of Prednisone) which is a viral infection that had bound to my Colon.

Angie, Community Member
8/ 7/12 12:49pm

My oldest daugher was diagnosed with UC when she was 13 years old. She is now 31 and has been diagnosed with Chrohn's. Her rheumatologist told her it's rare to diagnose a patient with both, but it does happen.


wrv, Community Member
4/ 6/10 5:12pm

Although its rare to have both disease, yes you can be diagnose with both. I was diagnose with CD 6 years ago when I was 15years old and when I turned 21 my doctor put me on a medication that only UC  patients use. He told me I had symptoms of both diseases. After running many more tests on me, my doctor explained to me the reason why I was having flares almost every day for almost 2 years lead him to this diagnostic. I was constantly in the hospital because the pain was unbearable. So far I'm doing good with the medication I was placed on and I have only had 5 flares so far in 2010 V.S  102 flares I was having in a year




mallij, Community Member
4/ 6/10 11:26pm

I was diagnosed with UC in 1997 and my doctor changed it in 2000 to Crohns. I asked this same question and am told diagnosis is difficult and it depends what they see going in. Also, there are different blood tests to confirm. Hope this helps.

melinda, Community Member
5/31/10 7:26pm
Yes Reply
M. McNamara, Community Member
3/31/11 1:55pm

I was diagnosed with UC 23 years ago.  After several long hospital stays and months at a time on prednisone, I had a colectomy 18 years ago.  I  have had minor flare-ups over the years and frequent episodes of pouchitis.  The past two years have been particularly difficult.  After extensive tests, scopes, and biopises of tissue, my gastroenterologist tells me I have Crohn's. I was stunned; I did not know it was possible to have both. 

mark whitaker, Community Member
7/ 3/12 1:50am

The answer is yes.

I was diagnosed in Dec 08 with crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Not nice still suffering had all drugs,now on infliximab infusion every eight weeks in hospital.

if your husband wants to chat here is my e-mail and then i would release my phone number,





mark whitaker, Community Member
7/ 3/12 2:00am

To all who can read this !!!


Do you all feel like me.

Getting this disease under control is very soul destroying and has adverse affects to our lives.

I for one had a senior position in construction and have lost everything due to being in and out of hospital constantly in flare up last year visiting the toilet 20-30 times on occasions.

I would be happy to set up a forum so we could all meet on a paricular date,i am aware that we are perhaps geographically spread throughout the country and would try to get a central venue.I have studied this disease and am happy to discuss my journey to hell and back with medication ect.

EW, Community Member
9/23/13 11:10am

I'm a Registered Nurse and have a Diagnosis of Crohn's Colitis. I was diagnosed with this after a recent Colonoscopy. I finally understand why my pain & symptoms have been alot worse than others suffering either disease. I get Remicade Treatments every 6 weeks. I'm on Remicade 300 mg IV every 6 weeks. I was previously on 600 mg, but recently demanded for the GI Specialist to reduce this to half. I have suffered ongoing respiratory infections due to my compromised Immune System.


But the Remicade IV treatments have changed my life. This medication is basically the last step, before having to get some of your intestines removed. But when you do get sick with Respiratory Infections, the common cold canbecome severe and last 4-6 weeks. I'ver personally had Pneumonia 3 years in a row. Also, my Allergies are severe in the summer months (again because of Remicade IV lowering my Immune System).


I have suffered alot, just as many of you. I would highly recommend asking your Family Doctor for a referral to see a Pain Specialist. I also go to a specialist and am on Vicoden for severe abdominal pain. They tried me on other meds, but it made me too sick. Vicoden is a Narcotic Pain Medicine that many people handle well. Thanks.



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