• pati pati
    July 30, 2008
    venous ulcers 2 legs midcalf, strep,serratia,psuedomonas what drug covers all
    pati pati
    July 30, 2008

    my father has 2 venous ulcers mid calf on the back of legs has been and is still being treated by nurese practioner/dr. for 9 months, some new tissue growth, currently a culture was done and revealed,serratia, psuedomonas, and strep. He is allergic to pennicillin, what medication will attack all three of these bacterias. Can this be a home treatment or hospitalization on IV. Is Cipro a possibility?



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  • Laura August 04, 2008
    August 04, 2008



    One way of classifying bacteria is by the appearance of their are outer cell membrane (or peptidoglycan layer). The peptidoglycan layer is visible under the microscope through staining techniques (a.k.a. dying). Serattia, psuedomonas, and strep are all classified as gram-negative bacterias due to their thin peptidoglycan layer. Some antibiotics that are effective in killing gram-negative bacteria include Cipro and erythromycin. Your father's doctor should be able to recommend the best option.


    Check out this link, http://library.thinkquest.org/25462/list.html, for a complete list of common antibiotics and the bacterias they treat.

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