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Q: i have small pea-sized yellowish/green, round 'things' in my stool

I have small pea-sized round 'things' that are yellowish/green in my stool. This started a couple of months ago with chronic diarrhea. I have seen dozens. Been biopsied, docs have no idea what they are. Doesn't look like any food i've eaten or a medication. Does this sound familiar at all? anything I should be concerned with? I have been tested already for O&P, specifically Giardia, all negative. Lost 22 lbs unintentionally. Hemoccult tests came back positive. Have had colonoscopy, fluoroscopy, endoscopy, abdomen ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, small bowel follow-through, bloodwork, lower ct. All negative for anything abdnormal. Abdomen pain, constipation for a week, then normal for a few days, then diarrhea for a week or two. It's a cycle that's been going on for a few months. Almost everything hurts me to eat. Have already called manufacturers of meds I take, no reports of any undigested meds like what i've seen in stool Thank  you!

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PB, Community Member
12/ 5/10 5:49pm

I have the same things..I put on gloves,rinsed one off and broke it open and their is a chalky substance inside them. I also today passed what looked like the little balls out of a Silica packet. I am taking Venlafaxine HCL  (Effexor XR) in capsule form and I am beginning to wonder if it is from the meds. 

If you have found the problem please re-post as I am at a loss myself. 

lwynn, Community Member
1/ 6/11 2:27pm

I have found something simular in my stools, Its bright green, bean shaped. about 1/2 inch long. When i cut into it, its blue on the inside surrounding a pocket of white powdery substance.  the out side is gummy.  Please feel free to email me at wynnl@msn.com. if you have anything to add.  I have called my doctor, but still waiting for return call.

freebeth, Community Member
5/ 9/12 12:12pm

I am having this same problem.  Was so schocked to see these green balls with a powder substance in the center of them.  Did you or anyone ever find out what the cause of these could be and if so please share.  Thank you

KatS, Community Member
5/26/12 6:45pm

I have the same thing, but I have more yellow color in small pea sized perfectly round and smooth ball. I've had my 3rd one in a couple of months. I've now saved 2 of them. At first i thought it was popcorn. But intentially stopped eating nuts. But it showed up again. Same size same color everytime. Any news from anyone, I've looked everywhere for some kind of answer. Going to doctor in 2 weeks.

Carol Bradley Bursack, Health Guide
5/27/12 7:20am

This can't possibly be normal. You've had about every known digestive test, but some doctor should be able to figure this out. You need to be your own health advocate, so please see another doctor. There's got to be a reason. Unexplained weight loss isn't good. Blood panels, etc. should be done.

Good luck and please do check back if you get a diagnosis or an answer of some kind. Several people want to know.



Vincent, Community Member
1/31/14 1:39pm

I've had these several times.   Took me almost a year to figure it out.  Basically it might be fungis.  A condition called Candanda.   If it is i suggest you do some research on the subject.  It's actually a life threatening condition so I'd be quick about your actions.  I'd see a holistic doctor as most med doctors ignore Candida as there is not a very reliable way to test for it because fungis in the stomach and blood are elusive unless they are concentrated.  

Vincent, Community Member
1/31/14 1:47pm

In addition the CDC says that Candida might possibly a problem in America but f ails to give much information about it on their website.   But then near the end they mention that 25% of all blood infection related deaths are attributed to Candida which suggests this problem might be an epidemic in america.



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