November 15, 2008
    Appendicitis & IBD?
    SW SW
    November 15, 2008

    Is it common to have appendicitis with IBD (particularly ulcerative colitis)? I know that the appendix is connected to the colon so this seems possible. I've started to have a new type of pain near my navel & am trying to figure out what's going on.



  • Elizabeth Roberts
    Health Guide
    November 16, 2008
    Elizabeth Roberts
    Health Guide
    November 16, 2008

    Hi SW,


    As far as I've read in the past some studies have shown that people who have had their appendix removed before their 20s tend to have a lesser chance or risk of getting Ulcerative Colitis. But the opposite seems to be true for Crohn's disease - more people with Crohn's have had their appendix removed at an early age.


    As far as I know though, UC doesn't tend to 'cause' appendicitis.


    If you are having a new pain associated with UC it is always a good idea to discuss it with your GI.


    Best wishes,





  • Ali November 19, 2008
    November 19, 2008

    You should definitely talk to your doctor about that!  I kind of know what you mean though... when I'm having a flare, I really do think I can FEEL my appendix at times, it's very weird.  I often wonder if I had it taken out if that would affect my UC at all.

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