Early Symptoms Of Bowel Obstruction

A bowel obstruction is when a foreign body blocks the passage of waste material from the body. Anything can cause the blockage of the bowel, and during the obstruction it becomes impossible or extremely difficult to move fluid or solid waste, and gas from the body. Bowel obstruction can occur at any level of the small intestine, it’s not localized to the rectum or opening of the anal cavity. When someone’s bowels are blocked, it is a medical emergency and they should seek treatment as quickly as possible. Not receiving medical treatment for this type of problem could result in more dangerous health problems down the line.

Bowel obstruction shares symptoms with many other bowel problems. Depending on where the block is, there could be stomach pain, swollen stomach, vomiting feces. In additional to stomach pains, there could also be excess diarrhea because the only thing that could pass through the blockages would be liquid stool. Blockages can be caused by many things including tumors, scar tissue, and narrowing of the intestines. Obstruction can happen to anyone, and there are no specific subgroups of people that it happens to more frequently.

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What Is It?

In a bowel obstruction (intestinal obstruction), a blockage prevents the contents of the intestines from passing normally through the digestive tract. The problem causing the blockage can be inside or outside the intestine. Inside the intestine, a tumor or swelling can fill and block the inside passageway of the intestine. Outside the intestine, it is possible for an adjacent organ or area of tissue to pinch, compress or twist a segment of bowel.

A bowel obstruction can occur in the...

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