RE: Botox again

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  • Guess it's time for a botox update...


    While it worked, it was not the dramatic success it was that last time I had it done, about 7 months ago. For reasons never explained, she (my doctor) only used 200 units this time. (The last time was 300 units.)


    At my request, she tried to inject some into my bladder neck to relieve spasming when I empty completely (see my posts entitled "Pain in the bladder neck"). She estimates she used about 50 units, which left 150 for my bladder, or about half as much the last time.


    While the UI is better, I still have some, and my "functional capacity" is not as much. Needless to say, it probably won't last as long as the last time.

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    Also, my insurance company has changed it policy on botox, and I'm not sure they will cover this in the future. My current predetermination is good for another month or so, and I asked my doctor about the possibility of another round while we still can, but never got a response, so I guess she doesn't think this is necessary.


    I'm trying to be positive about this. At least I got some help. I know there are those of you who've never had the opportunity.


Published On: March 25, 2008