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  • Has anyone tried Nullo for the odor caused by UI?


    I read one post (treatment-000050_10-145.html) about controlling odor that mentioned it, and three other OTC preps designed to control odor. The other three are for bowel incontinence (BI). I did review the Nullo website and, while the main usage is for odor due to BI, it did mention "genital odor," which the others did not.


    Aside from this, does anyone recommend a soap or body wash (with little or no fragrance) they are happy with?


    Not to be too indelicate, my biggest problem is the fact that hair absorbs odor and then releases it. I keep it clipped and I try to keep myself clean and dry as best I can, but I can't always leave work to go home and change, and I'm not willing (yet) to take clean clothes and supplies to work. No privacy. Even after I wash several times, sometimes there is still a detectable odor. My situation is also compounded by the fact that my urine is sometimes not sterile, so I know some of it is caused by bacteria.

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    Hope this is not too personal, and I'm always open to suggestions.

Published On: April 06, 2008