My Friend "Foley" (Botox)

Pete Health Guide
  • Well, my friend "Foley" has finally left! Although I needed it, (He? My doctor referred to him as "Mr. Foley! *snicker*) it was a "pain in the bottom!" (Foley came to stay with me after I had intravesical botox injections for urge incontinence.)


    Here's a little ditty I wrote about it:

    I once had an acquaintance called Foley,
    Whose job may seem rather lowly.
    My bladder it drained,
    And, though it didn't complain,
    Sometimes it worked rather slowly.


    The good news is the botox has worked. I didn't have any spasms with Foley, which I have had in the past. At the doctor's office I was able to void a little, but then had to drain (cathing! yuck!) the rest. I will probably have to do this for awhile. But, as I told my doctor, having to cath for a few weeks is a small price to pay for several months of being dry!

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Published On: July 11, 2008