Botox for Urge Incontinence: My Treatment Results

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    Those of you who read my posts know that I've been fortunate enough to have access to Botox injections to treat my urge incontinence. My last procedure was in June, and now that my friend "Foley" (a Foley catheter) has left, I thought I'd share the results of my procedures.


    To recap, I had two Botox procedures this year. In February I received 150 units and although this helped, it wasn't as effective as my previous treatment. I was able to receive another 300 units in June. Since the second procedure, I've had no bladder spasms (even when "Foley" was visiting), and therefore no urge incontinence!

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    When "Foley" left, I did have to self-cath intermittently for a few weeks, but my bladder function has returned to the point that I don't have to do this anymore. I still wear a small pad because of some stress incontinence, which the Botox doesn't address.


    The procedure itself isn't too bad. I had spinal anesthesia (I prefer this over general anesthesia, and my doctor isn't comfortable with doing the procedure in the office) and the only discomfort is the hydrodistention (water expansion) that my doctor must do to clearly see the inner wall of my bladder. I can feel pressure from the injections, but no pain at all.


    Botox treatments for urge incontinence generally last about six months. My first treatment lasted almost this long, with my urge incontinence slowly starting to return about five months after the procedure.


    For those of you with urge incontinence and access to Botox treatment, while the procedure may be uncomfortable and "Foley" may visit for awhile, it's definitely worth a try. In general the risks are minimal, but the reward may be months of dry days!

Published On: September 03, 2008