Protection: Don't Leave Home Without It

Pete Health Guide
  • Because Botox injections relieve me of my urge incontinence (UI), I sometimes get complacent after I had it a treament. When my UI is "active," it is my biggest problem, usually overshadowing my stress and occasional overflow incontinence.


    I have been tempted recently to go out without a pad, but usually won't, knowing what the consequences may be. However, one day last week I was in a hurry to take my daughter to school and then get myself to work, so I skipped putting one on.


    What a mistake! Because of voiding pain I can't empty completely, and my bladder will continue to spasm slightly after I've stopped my stream, resulting in a small amount of leaking. Also, if I have any appreciable volume, I can leak if I sneeze, cough, or stand up from a sitting position. Needless to say, I had to go home at lunch to get dry clothes. Fortunately I didn't leak through to my outer clothing.

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    Bottom line: It pays to remain vigilant. If you have to use protection, as the saying goes -- don't leave home without it!



Published On: October 04, 2008