It's Baaacckkkk!

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  • I believe my Botox is finally wearing off. As a direct result my urge incontinence (UI) is slowly returning.


    Typically Botox last about 6 to 9 months, with the full effect lasting about 4-5 months (for me at least). Then it begins to slowly taper off. My urologist has indicated that for some people, the period of time between repeated treatments can increase. For some

    people, after enough treatments, the effect can become permanent, effectively curing their UI.


    In my case, I actually received two treatments within a four month period. I had 150 units at the end February, and then another 300 units at the end of June. Because of this I was hoping it would last a little longer.

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    I'm hoping this time that my urologist will inject the anterior (front) wall of my bladder instead of the back. Typically the back is done because it is much easier to reach. I'm not sure how she can do the front, but she indicated it is possible. I experience pretty severe pain if I void completely and the pain seems to be in th front of my bladder. Maybe Botox can fix both.


    As the Botox wears off, I start experiencing a series of "signals" or steps that indicate this is happening:


    • I become more aware of my bladder.
    • My pad starts getting wet.
    • Odor is more noticable.
    • I start having to pretreat my laundry.


    When the Botox is at it's peak I rarely think about my bladder or voiding until I'm pretty full. For me, this is one of the best examples of the feeling of freedom I have experienced: Freedom for worry, wetness and bathrooms!


    With luck I will get this schedule in January, which will be about 7 months post procedure. Here's hoping! 

Published On: November 30, 2008