“A-voiding” Pain: Controlling the Discomfort of Incontinence, Part II

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  • Since my TURP three years ago, I have been unable to empty completely when I void. If I do (even when the Botox is active) I get severe pain/spasms that last 15-60 seconds, with a pain level of around 9-10 (on a scale of 0-10).


    In my previous post I discussed my results at a local pain clinic. Although I received a block that did help with the voiding pain, for some unknown reason, the doctor decided that any follow-on blocks would not be appropriate, and basically "dismissed" me as a patient.


    I was fortunate to find that the clinic where my urologist is in practice has opened an Interventional Pain Management Clinic, and was able to get an appointment. Unfortunately, I was only a few days post‑Botox and Foley was still "visiting" me.

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    However, that did not stop the doctor from doing a physical exam that included touching several spot around my bladder and groin with an ice pack (shiver!), looking for any areas that were either not sensitive or, conversely, hypersensitive. Good or bad, she did not find anything.


    She decided on a three-fold treatment plan:

    • Medication: Instead of using the nerve medications (such as neurontin) that my previous doctor prescribed, she decided to try some muscle relaxants, specifically zanaflex.
    • Potentially some physical therapy, including being fitted with a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) unit
    • Continue the nerve blocks the previous doctor cancelled.

    The doctor was very supportive, and I'm very encouraged by the way she "hit the ground running." I honestly feel she believes me and will do all she can to help. She was shocked by the way I was treated by my previous pain doctor, who questioned whether my voiding pain truly affected my quality of life! Trust me, not being able to void because of severe pain is a definite quality of life issue!


Published On: April 03, 2009