Finding the Right Incontinence Treatment and Shopping for Cars

Jasmine Schmidt Health Guide
  • My experience last weekend buying a new car prompted some thinking about what it's like trying to handle and manage incontinence. You may be wondering how exactly an automobile is similar to incontinence, and on the surface the similarities are few, if any. However, the process of selecting the right car for the right person is much like trying to find the right management package for the right person with incontinence.


    When buying a car there are a lot of factors that come under consideration, including the importance of dependability, the size of the car, how many people it will comfortably fit, and gas mileage, to name just a few. Everyone's life is a little bit different, and thus their needs are vastly different. My father had a construction business and my mother ran a small home daycare. As you can imagine, both of my parents needed very different cars: my father drove large trucks and my mom drove station wagons and mini vans.

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    Looking for a solution to incontinence can be a similar search - often more heartbreaking then buying a car, but many of the factors are the same. Dependability: important in a car, and also in an incontinence solution. How much it can hold: important in a car, and also important in an absorbent product. Even gas mileage in a sense is important in a treatment or management plan: how much "bang for the buck" will you get.


    Before buying my car this weekend I spent some time researching what I felt would be the best option for my needs. I looked up the user reviews. I took several cars for test drives. Interestingly, I ended up purchasing a car that I hadn't previously considered or researched, but upon seeing my options in person and trying a few out, I realized that the car I ended up with was the perfect fit.


    In many ways, seeking a treatment for incontinence is similar to searching for a car. Consider your needs and wants. Spend some time researching your options. "Test drive" a few physicians by getting second opinions. If you're using absorbent products to help manage your incontinence, consider your gas mileage and dependability by looking at which product offers the best protection for your money. I urge you, when looking for a treatment or management plan for your incontinence to take it at least as seriously as you would purchasing a car.

Published On: August 07, 2007