Continence Awareness Week

Jasmine Schmidt Health Guide
  • Next week is the annual Continence Awareness Week in Australia. Last year’s Continence Awareness Week was themed, “Weak bladder or bowel? Don’t let it hold you back!” The week’s events included public seminars and education programs, newspaper advertisements, a run for continence, and a launch on a national morning show featuring celebrity spokespersons. This year’s conference is scheduled for August 6th-12th. The conference is being held in conjunction with the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the theme is “Pelvic Floor- Use it or loose it!

    Their must be something in the air in that part of the world, because over 20 years ago another groundbreaking event happened in New Zealand. Whenever I do public speaking for the Simon Foundation for Continence I delight in sharing pictures of a continence fashion show held at the Auckland Race Track to help bring media attention to the topic. As the models took to the stage they started out fully clothed only to strip down revealing the hidden absorbent products underneath their clothing. What’s particularly surprising is that this event took place about twenty years ago… and yet it’s something no one has dared to try yet in the U.S. even today.
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    Although Continence Awareness Week is taking place in Australia, that shouldn’t stop us from finding a way to honor the week throughout the entire world. Let’s all join together next week in an effort to promote continence awareness. Your contribution might be sharing your story with friends, gently encouraging a family member to see a doctor about their own incontinence, or taking the first step to seek treatment for yourself. If we each make a small contribution towards raising the awareness about this condition we’ll help countless others find the courage to get the help they need, and we’ll help combat the stigma associated with incontinence. Won’t you join me in observing Continence Awareness Week?
Published On: August 04, 2006