New Incontinence Spa

Jasmine Schmidt Health Guide
  • I've recently learned of a whole new kind of spa that has opened in New York... one devoted entirely to women's pelvic floors. The new center apparently offers Kegel training sessions and electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor in a spa setting.


    This new spa shows the incredible growth our culture has made in regards to how we deal with our pelvic health issues. We've gone from the days of hiding at home, too embarrassed to tell even our doctors, to expecting quality care in a spa-like setting. OK, so maybe the spa aspect isn't necessary for good health care, but for those who can afford it, it's a nice perk. And for those whose budget doesn't allow, it could be a good sign. Remember that "alternative" treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapies were all readily available at many spas before insurance policies started covering them. While insurance does often cover pelvic floor physical therapy, we still have a long way to go in regards to good coverage of incontinence by both private insurance as well as our governmental aid, so hopefully this spa is a positive sign of things to come!

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    It excites me to think of the potential of what may be next ... school programs that teach children about good pelvic floor health; community education programs at libraries and community health centers that include incontinence on the agenda; large-scale PR campaigns de-stigmatizing and educating the public about this touchy subject. The possibilities are endless!


    Of course, none of these things will happen unless people are willing to take the first step and actually talk about incontinence and pelvic floor health. Where would the AIDS or breast cancer movements be if no one ever discussed the respective conditions? There are an estimated 25 million adults in America with urinary incontinence - who knows how many if we include children and teens, and people with fecal incontinence. That is more than enough people to comprise a "critical mass" that demands better health care, better insurance coverage, and better treatment by the general public. Start today ... tell someone.


Published On: August 22, 2008