Clinical Trials for Incontinence

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  • Many of the people on support websites such as this have tried every treatment (or what feels like every treatment) that is currently on the market, with little to no success. You may be feeling defeated and have lost hope of ever achieving a higher quality of life. If you've still got a bit of fight left in you, and you're willing to give it one more go, I recommend taking a look at This easy-to-navigate site lists clinical trials taking place all over the United States (and some abroad), that you might be able to participate in.


    Aside from being desperate enough to try anything, why would you want to participate in a study? While it might seem a little risky to consider participating in something that is still "experimental", many studies are really very safe. For example, when I look up pregnancy and incontinence, I see several studies on the benefits of pelvic floor exercises while pregnant - something that really shouldn't be a potential harm to anyone who would qualify for the study.

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    These studies are the only way that our doctors find out about new treatments that they can then recommend to their patients. It's the only way that new medications come to market. Imagine if there were a simple pill you could take, with no side effects, that would completely cure you of incontinence! No, it isn't a reality right now, but in the future ... who knows? No matter how hair-brained it seems, at least we can dream about it being a possibility. Without people willing to volunteer for studies, it could never even be a dream. Just like without past studies, the medications and surgeries that are currently available wouldn't be possible.


    Hopefully I've piqued your interest enough to at least take a quick look. If so, simply go to and then click on "Search for Clinical Trials". On the next page, type in any applicable keywords. Obviously you would search for "incontinence". If your incontinence is related to another health condition, for example, prostate cancer or multiple sclerosis, you might type in those key words as well. There is also a slightly more involved advanced search option, in which you can narrow the search by location and age group.


    After you type in your key words, you click the search button. Up pops a list of any current studies mentioning your keywords. The listing will tell you which studies are currently recruiting participants, and will link to further information about each individual study, including eligibility requirements and who to contact for more information or to be considered as a participant.


    Go on... take a look. I know you want to.


Published On: November 14, 2008