Incontinence Products for Men

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  • This week Reuters reported that Kimberly-Clark, the makers of the well-known Depend line of absorbent products, will begin offering new products in March. This will be the first time that the Depend line will feature separate products for women and men - six styles for women and two for men. The gender-specific designs are said to increase absorbency.


    It is a common complaint among men with incontinence that there aren't many options for absorbent products designed specifically with men in mind. I have no knowledge of how well the new Depend products for men work, but hopefully they will be an improvement over the existing unisex options. In the meantime, here are some other management options for men to consider:

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    Guards for Men: These pads can be inserted into underwear for protection from light leakage. It is specifically designed for the shape of men's anatomy. Is not a full brief and won't work well for moderate or heavy leakage. Made by Kendall, First Quality, SCA, and Kimberly-Clark.

    Reusable Briefs for Men: The HealthDri brand supposedly has up to a ¾ cup capacity in their heavy brief. The human bladder can hold up to 2 cups of urine, so the capacity may not be enough, but perhaps in conjunction with timed voiding it would provide good back-up protection.

    Penile Clamp: This product is a padded clamp that fits around the penis clamping the urethra (the tube that urine travels through to leave your body). Looks uncomfortable to me, but men who use these swear by them! There are a few different brands. Search online for "penile clamp".

    Compression Pouch: This is a small pouch that is placed on the penis. The top of the pouch compresses the urethra to help stop leakage, and the pouch itself has an absorbent lining to catch any drips. As a woman I've never personally tested this product, but my guess is that it would work best (and probably quite well) for light incontinence. The only brand I'm aware of selling this type of product is ActiCuf.

    Condom Catheters: These products fit over the penis like a condom. A tube is attached to drain leaking urine into a collection bag (often worn on the leg under pants). There is a variation on this product called the Afex (made by Arcus) in which the penis rests in a loose-fitting receptacle that drains into a collection bag. The Afex is a bulkier, but perhaps more comfortable.


    Have you found any helpful products for managing incontinence as a man? If so, please leave a comment.


    Be dry, and happy holidays to all!



Published On: December 19, 2008