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  • I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. It has been enjoyable and emotionally healing to spend time with family following the loss of my brother. The holidays have also brought much joy with two new babies in the family! However, I must admit that I'm looking forward to the fresh start of the new year, and the return of some semblance of "normal" life after all the festivities.


    As I reflected upon the past year, I realized that I failed to notify you of a new incontinence resource, which was one of my greater accomplishments of the year (next to the birth of my daughter, of course). I consulted with the Simon Foundation for Continence to create a new database of information about incontinence for their website.

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    The database includes information about the different causes of incontinence, as well as factors that can influence continence, such as other medications you may be taking, and smoking and obesity. There is a section on the types of incontinence including urge and stress incontinence, as well as overflow incontinence and enuresis (bed-wetting). Finally, there is a segment devoted entirely to the treatment and management of incontinence with over twenty different options to explore.


    You can rest assured that the information presented is medically sound, as each and every piece was reviewed by a professional in the field, and each section includes a link to the reviewer's bio. The information is very timely and current as well, since it was all written and reviewed within the past year.


    As you can perhaps tell, I am rather proud of this work. I encourage you to check it out to learn a bit more whether you are seeking a new treatment, information about a diagnosis, or initial information about your symptoms. The information can be found at under the "About Incontinence" section.





Published On: December 30, 2008